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Browse the product catalogue

at the bank or using this website you can get all information you need about our products with the price.

Fill out and submit the application form and a loan request letter.

Our application forms are available at our partner banks, fill it and submit it to the teller and, bring or email a copy to our office.

Get your product after approval

if you live in kigali come to our office, if you are out of kigali, a free shipping service is given in a specified time period.We will let you know when we shall bring it to you.

You could also take advantage of our different packages.....

One Laptop per teacher

Designed for all teachers, school and student who desire to acquire the said equipment specially laptops, tabs and computer lab. In collaboration with Umwalimu, Bank of Kigali and Bank Populaire. The payment Plan is from 1 year to 4 years.


Individual Package

This is when an individual gets a desired equipment by visiting and order online through our website and the equipment being delivered at his office.

Cash or soft loan allowed from our partners’ bank.


Business Package


When a business or institution gets loan to own the desired office equipment after he enters in agreement with GIRAICT/ partners Bank.

Targeted categories are: startup business (in partnership with RDB, Corporate and their staff including Districts).

The package includes ICT gadget, EDMS and MIS.


This package includes and analogue TV, Smart phone, Tablet, internet, cable, video on demand module this at affordable price, including monthly payment.

In Collaboration with Tunga TV program from MYICT


Corporate Package


Hardware replacement plan designed for corporate enterprise where Data systems will be buying their old and used computer at price 35% of their initial price and replace them by newer and higher. Later this machine could be refurnishing and be sold at lower price to schools or interested individuals.


Designed for cooperative members especially ICT novices and Non English/French speaking.

The packages includes preloaded Gadget, Kinyarwanda based software, mobile application systems.


“ICT has altered the balance of power within societies and between nations by democratising information and knowledge”. President Paul Kagame




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